UIST research and education is motivated by the fact that human enterprises are increasingly fueled
by and dependent upon vast flows of information. Information systems, are all around us. Cell phones, smart cards, embedded micro-chips, nano-scale sensing devices are ubiquitous and invisible computers have become embedded in everything from appliances to automobiles.
Advances in information technology have transformed life around the world. In UIST we believe that the impact of the Information Age has only just begun and that the greatest transformations lie ahead.

The Graduate programs at UIST are designed to provide students with the theoretical foundations and advanced knowledge in analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information, as well as the role of information systems and technologies in
both business and society.


Description of all the schools at UIST

The University of Information Science and Technology is a modern institution that follows the latest trends in fields of information science and technology. Our university has five schools which are listed below. In order to achieve these goals, our university offers an eclectic four-year undergraduate program, which applies to each of the 5 schools.

The UIST 4-year program in information science and technology leads to a Bachelor of Science in Information Science and Technology degree in the respective study field. Upon graduation, one is able to continue studies in postgraduate programs.

Developing the creative power of the IT expert is unthinkable without serious, professional exposure to the arts and humanities. Therefore our comprehensive programs in information science and technology include a wide range of minor electives in linguistics, languages and literature, critical theories, history, philosophy, modern and classical social sciences and almost all the arts.

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Faculty of Information Systems, Visualization, 
Multimedia and Animation
Faculty of Computer Science & Engineering
Faculty of Communication Networks & Security Faculty of Information and Communcation Sciences
Faculty of Applied IT, Machine Intelligence & Robotics