(CNS) Faculty of Communication Networks and Security

Doctoral Studies in Computer Science and Telecommunications


Changes in the field of computer science and telecommunications have never been more dynamic. New information technologies are continually developed, and their transfer touches everywhere and takes place over a remarkable speed. Modern research and studies in engineering worldwide, have as a major challenge the development of new technologies and methodologies that will provide modern solutions in the areas of information and communication technologies.

The study program for doctoral studies in information technology actively monitors global and European trends and the needs of the society. This program is based on modern scientific knowledge in the field which allows students to acquire advanced research, theoretical and practical knowledge and develop the research skills, engineering knowledge and management skills.

Program Outcomes

The study program strives to put into focus the future challenges of information science and computer engineering which can be overcomed through continuous upgrade which in turn is possible only on the basis of modern scientific knowledge.

The doctoral studies of this study program in information science and telecommunications is organized as: Three-year study program for full-time studies.

Doctoral degree in Information Science and Telecommunication consists of:

The qualitative features of the profile of the study program for doctoral studies at the University are expressed through modules. The courses of the doctoral studies, which will be realized with this study program fall under the following modules:

Training in scientific research through courses for acquiring generic knowledge and research skills, advanced levels of education through courses in the specific field of research, doctoral seminars, workshops and research practices, research, preparation and defense of doctoral dissertation.