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Digital business analytics enables organizations to turn complex challenges into significant opportunities by transforming data into information and information into insights to make better decisions and improve company results. It is used to help business professionals make informed decisions based on trends circulating in big data. Critical tasks performed in business analytics include data organization, knowledge extraction from data, sequence identification, prediction, data visualization, and overall information optimization. The emergence of new technologies requires people working in information sciences and technologies to educate, improve and upgrade their knowledge constantly. The need for constant study of newly developed technologies makes these sciences and technologies very attractive and challenging. Today, information sciences and technologies are the backbone of every business and are the basis for its competitiveness and efficiency.

After completing the Digital Business Analytics study program, students will be able to:

• Apply current business analysis concepts, techniques and practices to solve business problems;

• Analyze a given business problem using appropriate analytical techniques to generate and predict solutions;

• Applied methods of effective communication with forecasts, analyses, conclusions and solutions to a variety of clients;

• Learn how to extract key business insights from data and communicate them to stakeholders clearly and concisely;

• Create models that predict future trends and use them to guide business decisions;

• State-of-the-art machine learning algorithms are applied in order to develop solutions for real-world business problems;

The undergraduate program in Digital Business Analytics offers an education only found in the Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences: expertise in data analysis with a business focus, offering a cutting-edge program specifically designed to prepare students for the top jobs in today’s technology world and intense business world.

Offered Degree Programs

• Four-year (240 EKTS) studies

– Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology,  Digital Business Analytics.

– Acquired skills: business and management skills in the field of ICT, applied mathematics in the field of economics, human resource management, entrepreneurship, information technology, business intelligence systems, computer and mathematically assisted decision making.

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