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The University of Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” Ohrid is a higher education institution established by the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia by law for the establishment of the University (“Official Gazette” no. 81/2008, 48/2009, 06/2010 and 70/2013)


– Str. Partizanska bb, Hall of Army of the Republic of Macedonia, 6000 Ohrid

– Telephone number: +389 46511000

– Fax number: +389 46511567

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REQUEST FOR ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION may be submitted by the Form which can be downloaded at the following link.


Officials handling information and providing legal assistance to holders and applicants for public information at the University of Information Sciences and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” Ohrid are:


MSc Ana Krsteska


+389 46 511 000


Pursuant to Article 9 of the Law on Free Access to Public Information (“Official Gazette no. 13/2006, 86/2008, 6/10, 42/14, 148/15”) and Article 3 of the Guidelines on the manner and procedure for implementing the Law on Free access to public information the University of information Science and technology “St. Paul the Apostle” Ohrid prepared the following list of Public Information.

Anonymized requests and responses



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