Admission Requirements

In order to apply at University of Information Science and Technology, you need to have:

  • completed High School education,
  • passed the High School State Examination or International High School Examination.

Only students with exceptional talent may be enrolled without an adequate high school education. The students are enrolled as full-time students, either in state quota or in private quota (co-financing). The selection of the candidates will be based on:

  • High School GPA

Tuition Fees

Tuition for students in the state quota is 200€, while for students in the private quota is 400€. The tuition is paid in two equal installments, at the beginning of each semester.

Tuition is not charged to orphans, people with first level of disability, people with military disability, members of the security forces, children of families with killed member (who was part of the security forces) or war invalids. These persons are excluded from the quota.

Macedonian citizens who have studied abroad enroll under the same criteria as students in our contry.

International students are required to pay a tuition fee of 600€ per semester.