(CNS) Faculty of Communication Networks and Security

Study Program in Information Science and Technology


Communication networks is an exciting area that is developing very rapidly and getting a lot of attention from scientists and the academic community. However, what is more important is the fact that companies and private/public institutions give an enormous importance to their computer network infrastructure, due to the reason that today nothing can be done without data communication. Consequently, any communication network should have security mechanisms that ensure protection against data theft, data loss, information leak and any kind of intrusion that aims at breaking through and tampering with confidential and copyrighted material.

Master studies of Communication Networks and Security aims at producing highly educated, skilled and prepared professionals who will be able to cope with any local or international environment, be it a private company, an institution or the academia.

Students through their presence and participation in the whole studying process will have an active role in the conduct of the study program. Students as consumer‐beneficiary will have an active role in the whole educational and scientific research process, organization of expert and scientific meetings, debates, research seminars where they will have an opportunity to research directly and familiarize with the scientific field.

Program Outcomes

The University of Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle” offers the opportunity for enrollment in the study program in information science and technology for master studies through two program models: One‐year full time studies and two‐year part time studies.

This study program in Information Science and Technology for the second cycle of studies at UIST aims to provide students with broader knowledge of the concepts, theory and practice of information science and technology. This program has the purpose of developing the capacity for critical analysis in students and finding effective solutions to given problems.

The study program for the second cycle of studies at UIST covers core courses in advanced programming algorithms and mathematical methods, computer vision, high performance computing, data mining and embedded systems.

Course Outline (Download)