Here is why you should study @UIST

Here is why you should study @UIST

Congrats! As you are reading this, you are already logging in to your future! And, probably you are asking yourself why you should study @ the University of Information Science & Technology?! The answer is very simple! Because it is a ticket to your future!

Let me explain in few words. No matter who you are, where you are from, with the right skills you can become someone. Here @ UIST, you will acquire IT skills and knowledge for competitiveness in the global market. Information and communication technology is an increasingly popular career choice. IT degree holders possess skills that are relevant to several occupations, allowing you to explore a diverse range of opportunities in many industries. As an IT professional, you will become a part of a growing industry. The number of jobs in the IT sector is increasing more and more every day. You will be in greater demand than other people thanks to your IT degree from UIST.

These last two years, we have lived in turbulence. The pandemic has caused uncertainties in many aspects and moved away everyone from their comfort zone. But no progress happens there in a comfortable environment. The pandemic has accelerated the way to digital transformation. Digital technologies are everywhere and the internet is changing the game. Society becomes digital, work becomes remote, entertainment becomes virtual. Amazon has almost no shops. Uber does not own almost any car. Facebook does not create content. Airbnb does not own any real estate. Netflix is not a TV channel. All these companies have something in common. Success and IT. With your IT skills acquired at UIST and a computer connected to the Internet you can make an impact in the world!

With an IT degree from UIST, you can make a positive change in the world. IT skills offer great opportunities for true creativity and innovation. Digital technology is already a part of everything we do. Future opportunities in ICT are without boundaries. Welcome and log in to your future @UIST!

Asst. Professor Goran Shibakovski