Student University Assembly established at UIST

Student University Assembly established at UIST

From 03.06.2021 students of the University for Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle”, Ohrid, have their own assembly. The assembly was established on a session, as a University body and have rights, obligations and competencies determined by the Law on Higher Education, the Statute and the acts of the University and the Statute of USA UIST.

These are the members of USA UIST:           

1.           Faculty of Communication Networks and Security
Teodora Chonevska and Oliver Simonoski

2.           Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Elena Simonoska and Benjamin Adziovski

3.           Faculty of Information Systems, Visualization, Multimedia, and Animation
Petar Lefteroski and Jovana Poposka

4.           Faculty of Information and Communication Sciences
Angel Kukoski and Martina Nestoroska

    At the same session with secret voting Elena Simonoska was elected as president of the assembly. Benjamin Adziovski was elected as a representative in the university senate.

The president Elena Simonoska, for this occasion said: “I truly believe that we, students can do the best for ourselves. The aim of this assembly is to protect our rights, to have influence in some decisions, to improve our conditions, and to solve all other problems and concerns. The right of each student is to be provided with quality high education in both academic and cultural fields. The assembly is the medium between students and upper organs and bodies of the university.  We as an assembly will try to hear the voice of all students and will try to do our best so that all students will be satisfied with their studies at UIST. I invite more students to participate in this assembly and to be involved with their ideas and suggestions”

We wish good luck and best of results to the USA UIST!