Outgoing Staff

Dear Staff at UIST,

Erasmus+ is Programme of the European Commission for education, training, youth and sport for the period 2014–2020.

Within the Erasmus+, staff from our University shall have the opportunity to spend a total of one week teaching at one of the partner Universities that have signed Bilateral Agreements for student and staff exchange. Visit UIST’s webpage at the following address here to find the list of Universities with whom UIST has signed Bilateral Agreements, or open the table to see the total number of currently available places for exchange of students and staff with each of the partner Universities[1].

Mobility grant for teaching allows you to spend five working days or up to seven days including traveling. The outgoing teacher, in accordance with the Erasmus+ Programme Guide p.38, should deliver minimum 8 hours of teaching during his stay at the partner University.

Incurring costs for traveling and staying are covered under the mobility grant. Applicants can find the amounts available in euro per day on page 46 of the Erasmus+ Programme Guide . On page 45 from the Guide you can find the amounts for the traveling expenses covered under the grant.

Applicants are advised to get in touch with one or more from the partner Universities[2] (prior to submitting the application for participation on Erasmus+), inform them on the content of your expertise and ask if they would be interested to invite you as lecturer. It is recommended that you obtain invitation letter or E-mail that you will submit along with your application for participation on Erasmus+.

Following the submission of your application for teaching mobility grant to your University, the University will shortly inform you on the outcome.

In case your application is accepted you will have to submit the full application to the partner University, not later than the deadline indicated in the last column of the following table. NB The closest deadline for application submission is 31 of October!

The list of required documents for submission of your application to the partner University is usually available in the Erasmus+ section on the web page of the partner University[3]. If you cannot find the required information, write to the Erasmus+ coordinator. Anyhow you will have to submit Mobility Agreement for Teaching  along with your publication.

Shortly after submitting your application, the receiving University is expected to issues a Letter of Acceptance. Meaning you have been accepted as a teacher at the receiving institution. At this point you should proceed with signing the contract for using funds from the Erasmus+ grant.


[1] Be informed that the number of available teaching grants is much smaller than the number of available places. By increasing the number of signed Bilateral Agreements UIST is making effort to increase the available mobility choices for its students and employees, the decision on the number of annually available teaching grants is made by the National Agency for European educational programs and mobility

[2] Contact with Erasmus+ coordinators. You can find their contact details in every bilateral agreement signed between the University of Information Science and Technology and respective partner University. Please find bilateral agreements here

[3] Find web page addresses of partner Universities on the first page of every bilateral agreement signed between the University of Information Science and Technology and respective partner University. Please find bilateral agreements here